“Sight Beyond”

Acrylic & airbrush on 16 in circle canvas mounted in 18 in wood circle

“Alive with Purpose”

Acrylic on wood custom framed 25.5 x 49.5 in

“Love’s Bittersweet Taste”

Mixed media on 25in x 25in custom framed canvas.

Custom made poplar wood cross cut out with lights…made to order

This is all hand made to order. This is the prototype and keeping it for my home but would love to create more. This is made with poplar wood and can be stained how you like it. Comes ready to hang with lighting installed behind it. $777 shipped and $555 if your local.

Custom made to order distressed 2×4 cross

This cross is a made to order any size distressed sanded and built by me finished off with any stain you would like. $555 shipped $444 if local

Earths Heartbeat

Mixed media on 42×54 in framed canvas. Black lights installed in frame and comes with separate black light spotlight. Discount if your local

Higher Love

First painting of 2024. It’s mixed media painting 25.5 x 32 in framed canvas with resin finish to last forever.


Made to order product. 777 shipped 500 local…made to any size you want. Any stain selection you want. Please reach out to me with your request when ordering this made to order piece.

No Expectations

Mixed media on canvas with resin finish and custom frame 25.5 in x 31.5


Wood burn scorpion on live edge piece

She looks to me

Wood burn and carved live edge piece

She talks to Angels

This piece was all custom handmade..made an inlay frame then painted it with mostly stain and a little bit of white acrylic. I found this piece of wood and loved the wood grain so I incorporated it into the piece. This is one of kind to say the least. It measures 20.5 in by 47.5 in

Turn the Page “123123”

This is a mixed media on wood piece 17.5 in by 27 in. Magical when a black light is added to it at night.

Wasted Years

Acrylic on custom framed 37.5 x 25.5 in canvas

What we Need

Airbrush & acrylic on 36×36 diamond canvas that can be hung either way…$555 if local $650 shipped